Quotes About Social Dancing & Ballroom

When dancing alone is not enough...

He who dances without leading is merely making the girl mad.
Author Unknown

Technique is what you need to do to dance well, principally to make it feel good to your partner. Style is everything else you do when you dance, hopefully to make it look good to your partner, and your audience.
David Barker

1. Beginning Dancer: knows nothing. 2. Intermediate Dancer: knows everything; too good to dance with beginners. 3. Hotshot Dancer: too good to dance with anyone. 4. Advanced Dancer: dances everything, especially with beginners.
Dick Crum

Football isn't a contact sport; it's a collision sport. Dancing is a contact sport.
Vince Lombardi

When you are dancing with your partner, for that two and a half minutes, you are in love with each other. You're corresponding with each other by the moves that you make. It's a love affair, between you and your partner and the music. You feel the music, you feel your partner, she feels you and she feels the music. So there the three of you are together. You've got a triangle, you know. Which one do you love best?
Frankie Manning

Dancing's just a conversation between two people. Talk to me.
Steven Rogers, "Hope Floats"

As the sun began to rise, the man reached out to the woman, and they clasped hands.  He cradled her, and languidly they lifted themselves up to their feet, their bodies brushing, their eyes lost in each other’s.  Sensuously, deliberately, they danced, moving as though they were one, their body language smooth as their limbs carefully unfolded.  They twirled and rocked, intertwined and separated, nearly leaning onto one another but barely touching, their movements sometimes tender, sometimes almost violent…Moments passed while the dancers held tight to each other, as though their bodies were melting together.  The expression on their features as they lifted their faces to the sky was one of unimaginable joy.
Hannah Fielding

In conversation as in dance, each is the mirror of other.
Author Unknown

In swing, whatever works is right.
Author Unknown

Never criticize your dance partner.
Brave Combo

The tango is the man and woman in search of each other. It is the search for an embrace, a way to be together, when the man feels that he is a male and the woman feels that she is female, without machismo. She likes to be led; he likes to lead. Disagreements may occur later or they may not. When that moment comes, it is important to have a positive and productive dialogue, fifty-fifty. The music arouses and torments, the dance is the coupling of two people defenseless against the world and powerless to change things.
Juan Carlos Copes

When a man and woman understand each other dancing, simply carrying the beat, dancing for three minutes to a music called tango, it's the closest thing to sex – but sensual rather than erotic.
Juan Carlos Copes

The dance can be re-born with each song and in a different way by each couple.
Mike Corbett

Want to spend lots of time dancing with ladies? Impress them with how good they are!
Gerald Cosby

Relationships are like a dance. People spend so much time trying to change their partner's steps, and blaming them for treading on their toes. When they instead focus on changing their own steps, the dance changes anyway.
Tania Dally

In couple dances, gentlemen, hold onto her like you like her.
Richard Duree

The aesthetic pleasure of dance is a secondary reflection of the primary, vital joy of courtship.
Havelock Ellis

The time honored most accepted method of inviting and accepting a request for a dance, is the eye contact and a head nod. It speaks highly of politeness, courtesy and above all about avoiding uncomfortable and at times embarrassing experiences. It also affords every dancer the privacy of choosing how to spend an evening. It is unsettling being stalked by overzealous individuals or being put into the difficult situation of accepting reluctantly or declining uncomfortably. In spite of its popularity nobody appreciates being "used."
from "El Firulete"

A man who knows how to dance can make any woman feel good.
Barbara Haller

Life is too short to dance with unattractive men.
Author Unknown

Dancing is an amazing activity. You can go up to a gorgeous woman that you've never met before, spend three minutes touching her virtually anywhere on her body, and she thanks you for it afterwards!
Mario Robau, Jr

Relationships are like a dance. After a while we are so used to doing certain steps that we lose our balance and awareness of our bodies in relationship to others.
Sheryl Stephen

Dancing is all about wordless communication – a light pull on a shoulder, a step forward and a shift of weight, a shared understanding of the music and how it moves bodies.
Jasper Winn

The opportunities for body-contact highlight how wonderfully non-politically correct dance is. It's about display and seduction... And once you get into real dancing – partner dancing – you've got the added inequality of somebody having to follow.
Jasper Winn

Dancing is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!
Author Unknown

Dancing check to check is really a form of floor play...
Author Unknown

Hold your hands out gently.  Ask others to do the same.  See how different each person looks.  Each person has their own unique and natural beauty.  Use this natural beauty when you dance.  Respect your individuality.
Artemis Mourat

Relationships are like a dance. It's as much about your patience, kindness, confidence, and sense of rhythm as it is your choice of partner.
Author Unknown

Relationships are like a dance, one couple or group may be doing a waltz and another is doing the tango. Both are beautiful in their own right.
Author Unknown

The follow you just received was a direct result of the lead you just gave.
Author Unknown

The one unbreakable rule of couples dancing is that the partners must move interdependently, as a unit.
Author Unknown